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Maintaining a Healthy Work Life Balance during Veterinary School

Achieving a healthy work life balance when studying and chasing your goal of getting into Vet School can be a real challenge. Personally, I have always struggled to achieve this balance, both through Secondary school when studying for A levels, and also during my early years at Vet School.

Below are some tips I have learnt, to ensure this balance remains healthy;

  1. Do something you enjoy daily
    Spending time doing a task or activity which brings you pleasure is vital to not only to reduce burnout, but also to give you something to look forward to every day. Personally, I have found that visiting a coffee shop with friends is a great way to destress in between periods of studying.Jason Blog Work Life Balance
  2. Feeling guilty
    Make sure to never feel guilty for taking a longer study break or even a whole day off from studying entirely. It is important to listen to your bodies needs, as sometimes a rest day can in fact can make you more productive in the future, by keeping motivation high and further reducing burnout.
  3. Find an activity/ hobby outside academia 
    Having a separate hobby has always allowed me to detach from studying and focus my mind on something different. For me this was always sports (badminton, tennis, gym etc), although your hobby really can be anything you personally enjoy. Comment below some of your favourite hobbies!
  4. Family and Friend Relationships
    It is important to recognise that relationships with friends and family is so important during Vet School. These are the people who support and guide you when times get tough, (which they will!), so make sure to not let work damage these relationships.
  5. Recognise if your mental health is being negatively effected and if so please speak out!
    Studying to get into and during Veterinary school is mentally tough for all of us. If you feel like your mental health is suffering than please remember your are not alone and there is always support available. This could include teachers, lecturers, personal tutors and also friends and family.
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